Kinda Sorta In A Way Part of the Punch List

May 18, 2014

It's not exactly on the punch list, but it kinda I did it! A little by way of back-story...a bunch of years ago I found this 1950's metal cabinet for $10 at a yard sale.  I planned on putting it in the bathroom, but it looked horrible, so I started to prime it...and that was coming out terrible so I ended up using it in the workshop for years.  This is how it looked...

So I got started on it, and here it is all primed up:
I decided to give the inside some color, so I used the paint from the front porch..
And some white from the front porch, and here it is in its new habitat...
One thing (kinda) off the punch list!

Workshop Done! Punch List Ongoing

May 17, 2014

Well it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean nothing's been done. You know how it takes priority over writing!  So in the last post, I was talking about moving onto the punch list items in the basement, and in particular in the laundry room.  Turns out the punch list was longer and more involved than I thought! One of those things was the workshop walls.  Originally, years ago, I put up a few pieces of peg board...

Not a great shot, but that's one of the few "before" pics I had (one of these days I'll get better about that).  The peg board did well, worked fine, then I did this...

That was all part of the basement remodel, you can read more about that here.  Well, this time I decided there'd be more peg board...LOTS more!  Here's the outside of the workshop...kinda came out almost exactly as it was before:

But the real difference is inside the shop!  

I made two entire walls of the shop peg board! But there's a couple other things to notice...see that shelf unit?  That was a rickety old thing that was in the laundry room for years.  If you touched it just wrong, the whole thing nearly fell apart.  What did I do?  Screws all over it, and even screwed it to the wall!  The other thing is the shelf that runs over the top.  I fitted the shelves so they fit between the wasted inches here!  And here's a shot of the finished product (I'll have to take some shots of the workbench wall after that gets cleaned up):

So outside of the workshop just needing a good cleaning, one box on the punch list checked off!

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