Fixing the Basement Walls - Wrapping Up the Main Portion

The basement at 173 is divided into three rooms.  There's the laundry room, the workshop and then the main portion is where all the storage, large tools and the boiler are located.  This main portion is half of the basement, and today (for all intents and purposes) it's finished.  Only one coat of paint has gone up on the north wall, so there's that still, but as I said - done!  When I left off the other day, I had finished the west wall:
Looks a little splotchy, but the paint was still wet.
Here's a little collage of the northwest corner and the north wall.  It shows the wall scrapaed, cemented and then painted.
Next up, finishing off the workshop, which as you can see in this photo, isn't too bad:
This is all very exciting, while at the same time a little scary.  After the workshop comes the laundry room.  Now THAT'S gonna be a project!
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