Fixing the Basement Walls - Finishing the West Wall and Starting the North

After a few days off from the basement, it's time to get back at it.  When last we met, I had just turned the corner onto the west wall, and finished off painting the south wall so I could move all the stuff around to make room for the next wall.  So this is a shot of the west wall.  I think it's an interesting shot because it really shows the kind of change that's happening.
And here's a shot looking the other way, also an interesting picture (at least to me!)
The concrete went up pretty quickly on the west wall, maybe I'm getting the hang of it.
And that left the first part of the north wall.  That's all cleaned up and just waiting for the cement.  If you look closely at the bottom of this picture you can just make out the pile of loose concrete that was removed.
With a little extra time I also went ahead and sanded the stairs.  By the way...when sanding - ALWAYS wear a mask.  Somehow I didn't notice that I didn't have mine on, and after about 20 minutes of sanding with 80 grit sandpaper, I found myself violently retching.  The good news is...I was able to avoid the...well, you know.  When I was sanding I came across this little spot (where the arrow is pointing to.  PANIC!!!  I cleaned it all out and removed all the bad wood, and it turns out there's no critters in there.  Hopefully that was a looong time ago!
Then some paint went up on the west wall (compare with the first picture in this post).
And another shot looking the other way:
So, we're making progress but there's still a LOT to do!  
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