Fixing the Basement Walls - Part 3

It's Thursday night and I haven't done anything in the basement since Sunday afternoon.  Not that that's particularly surprising, but I really wanted to keep rolling on the walls.  Ah but you know - that whole work thing sometimes gets in the way!
I have a before pic!  I know I have a few here and there, but I still haven't gotten great at it.  But this time there is, and I almost wish there wasn't.  I wonder if anyone else's shop ends up like this.  I clear the bench, get into another project, and in no time at all - the bench is a mess again.  So here's a before pic...messy bench and all.

Tonight no cement was applied, but the hardest part of the project is done - for this wall anyway.  But before I could knock down all the loose concrete, I had to move stuff around.  Funny note - when I went to move the work bench, I forgot that it was actually anchored to the wall!  After heaving and yanking, tugging and pulling - it finally dawned on me!  Four screws later - the bench was a heck of a lot easier to move!

Aaaand now the shop looks even worse! But - it's least that's what I keep telling myself.  The only problem is...there's a wall back there behind the bench and tool boxes.  But that'll be the next wall.  For now, after moving the bench, this is what I had:

Thaaat's right.  Look at that mess!

When I started knocking down all that concrete, a few of those creepy millipedes came flying out.  I'm not particularly squeamish, but those things just creep the hell out of me!  Anyway, about two hours after getting home the rest of the south wall is all ready for cement.  

Again, it's always a little scary to see so much concrete come down, but there it is, it has to get worse before it can get better.

Here's hoping for a productive Friday night!
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