Killin' Time - And A Sneak Peek (Kinda)

The Changes Are A-Comin'

Here at 173 we're in the middle of a pretty big project.  I thought about doing the "progression" style posts to show the project as we go, but then I thought it might have a bigger impact to wait 'til it's done.  At the same time I'm sitting in a hotel room, hoping to the high heavens there's no bed bugs, and "itching" (the limits of my humor are endless) to post something!  So here's a little something:
This is a shot of the outside of the house at the beginning of the summer, there's a few things to notice...

ONE:  The Foundation

Might be hard to see in this pic, but there was a good bit of mildew, soil and grime.  A few weeks back I took my neighbor's power washer to it...much improved!

Every day the clock resets. Your wins don't matter. Your failures don't matter. Don't stress on what was, fight for what could be. - Sean Higgins

TWO:  The Shingles

I recently posted about the shingles, my (weird) attachment to them and the fact that it was time for a change. Also, if you notice, everything from the porch down is brown. Well, that's the change that's happening right now, so I can't go any further for the moment (no matter how badly I want to).

THREE:  The Gap

I know this is gonna sound a little obsessive, but that big gap between the ground and the bottom of the porch has always bothered me.  It's pretty harmless, but you know how some little thing gets in your head and just stays do know....right? Again, this is part of the current project so I have to be a little mum about it.  

FOUR:  The railings

Brown.  Dark brown.  A month or so ago, I painted them white.  I think it looks better with the new yellow front door.

FIVE:  Inside Front Porch

I know "Five" isn't labeled on the pic, but hey...the game hasn't started yet.  Seem this has been the summer of the front porch.  The summer started with a complete remodel of the inside of the front porch.  I guess once that was done it made the outside look even worse than we realized.  

Okay!  I can't stand it any longer... here's a little sneak peak!!

I crack me up!  I just couldn't help myself!  
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