Filling In the Blanks

August 28, 2013

Ever look at something and think, "Geeze, something's missing."?  Ever look at something for 16 years and think "Geeze, something's missing."?  I have.  For 16 years now I've been looking at 173 and thinking something was missing.  Actually, we can make that about 13 years because maybe about three years ago it occurred to me what was missing.  But I get ahead of myself...
If you read this blog at all, you've seen many pictures of the exterior of good ol' 173.

Yeah, there's a lot of work yet to be done, but that's still coming!  This post is about those two windows on the second floor.  It just always felt like something was missing, and like I said - I figured it out!

Thaaat's right!  Shutters! I know the black doesn't exactly go with the brown porch, but there's a reason...a reason that'll come to light in the hopefully-not-too-distant future!  And of course, you can't do shutters on just one wall...

So then came the back.  Actually it was the back wall that always made me think something was missing.  Unbelieveable as this may seem, I actually don't have a "before" pic of the back of the house, but probably because I just never liked that vast expanse of white!  I like it sooo much better now!  And again - there's more to come!  In the meantime...

Ya gotta do the side wall too!  Reeeally starting to like the look of 173 now!  And I have to show you this...

Nope! That's not me. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I've lost my nerve with ladders. So I had to recruit my neighbor once again. Thanks a million Paul! Another nice shot:

And a little before and after:

Looking forward to the next stage!

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