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Filling In the Blanks

Ever look at something and think, "Geeze, something's missing."?  Ever look at something for 16 years and think "Geeze, something's missing."?  I have.  For 16 years now I've been looking at 173 and thinking something was missing.  Actually, we can make that about 13 years because maybe about three years ago it occurred to me what was missing.  But I get ahead of myself... If you read this blog at all, you've seen many pictures of the exterior of good ol' 173.

Yeah, there's a lot of work yet to be done, but that's still coming!  This post is about those two windows on the second floor.  It just always felt like something was missing, and like I said - I figured it out!

Thaaat's right!  Shutters! I know the black doesn't exactly go with the brown porch, but there's a reason...a reason that'll come to light in the hopefully-not-too-distant future!  And of course, you can't do shutters on just one wall...

So then came t…

So Long Birch Tree - I Hardly Knew Ye

Six or seven years ago a little ranch style house in the neighborhood had a clump of birch trees in their front yard.  I loved the look, so off to Hewitt's I went, about an hour later 173 had a birch tree with three main limbs.

See that little stub of a stump to the right of the two main limbs (or would they be considered trunks?)?  That was the remnant of the third limb.  It had grown way too close to horizontal, so we put in a fence post and tied the limb to it in an effort to get it to grow more vertical.  After a year or more of being supported, the limb was released and it immediately went to its old position - horizontal.  We're pretty aggressive with the plant life around here, so out to the shed, tree saw, and maybe five minutes later we were down to two limbs.  Of course being repurposers, a new use was found for a good length of that limb: There it is...supporting the bird house behind the bench!  Anyway, I digress.  The point is this...when I put the birch trees in,…

New House Numbers!

Who knew?  I mean really, who knew that some very simple things can be so complicated!  I suppose I knew - I have a tendency to overthink things sometimes, so I suppose it's not really surprising that I actually spent a considerable amount of time studying up on...are you ready for this? ... HOUSE NUMBERS! Thaaat's right ladies and numbers!  In this case though, I did happen to find that it's pretty interesting.  I Googled it, looked at all kinds of designs, shopped online, considered, reconsidered, decided, changed my mind (a few times), and finally, after long last - made a decision.
So here's where it started...ever since buying 173, the house numbers looked like this:
Of course, all those years I figured they were perfectly fine, but after that big porch redo of 2013, I just couldn't bring myself to put the same numbers up.  So I studied.  And I started noticing house and building numbers.  Then I came across the JPD …

At Long Last - Front Porch Reveal!

173 is so lucky to have two great closed-in porches!  When we first moved into the house, the front porch was getting a little tired, and needed an update.  A couple years later we gave it a mini-makeover.  Here's a mid-project shot taken lo those many years ago:
Looking at that picture really makes me realize how much a difference a digital camera can make. That old film picture makes the porch look tiny. And how about those chairs? I guess that was about all we could really afford back then. Anyway, the mini re-do left the porch looking like this: We were pretty pleased with the result, but as explained in this earlier post, there were some flaws, particularly the windows. In December of 2011, the windows and door were finally replaced. Of course having that much work done exposed the fact that the porch was again beginning to show its age.  So we finally went all out and got 'er done! Of course it was a lot of work...using the heat gun to remove paint (now THAT seem…