Product Review: EZ Twist Paint Stick

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Significant progress is finally being made on the wallpapering of the two hallways and the stairwell.  One significant thing that's changed is the priming/sizing is finally done.  Yesterday, a neighbor came over to help me get the stairwell primed.  This is significant because, somehow in my dotage, I have developed a bit of uneasiness with heights.  This particular post is about a product that was used - the EZ Twist Paint Stick.

I hate painting.  I hate painting nearly as much as I hate a root canal...nah, I think I might hate it as much as a root canal.  I'm not a big one for taking shortcuts, but when it comes to painting, I'm always more than willing to find a way to get it over.  Truth be told, if I could, I'd find someone else to get it over with!  But the EZ Twist Paint Stick makes painting fun and easy!  Okay, that may be a bit of hyperbole, but it really did make painting easy and a lot faster!

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I picked up the paint stick at Lowes for about $25.  It took about two minutes to assemble, and the instructions were clearly written.  The plastic lid goes on the paint can with the little spout.  There's a port near the end of the roller-end of the handle, and that port goes on the spout.  You pull back the end of the handle and the entire handle fills with paint.

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To get the paint into the roller, just twist the end of the handle and it feeds the roller.  A little trick I figured out was, put the roller against the wall and push up and down in a rolling motion as you fill the roller.

This will even out the paint on the roller from the inside, and will prevent you from over-filling the roller.  That's about it!  Roll the paint on and twist the handle a little when the paint starts to run out and it keeps feeding the roller! Here's my neighbor demonstrating in the stairwell...

Cleaning up after the job is pretty simple too, although I think it helps to just have the cleanup instructions with you and follow them step-by-step.  Altogether cleanup took less than ten minutes.

REALLY easy to use
No need to keep going back to a roller pan.
No dripping
The long handle makes for great reach!
Easy cleanup

I haven't come across this yet, but the only potential con I can think of is if replacement parts become obsolete or just hard to find.  The roller is proprietary, and I would guess that the "O" rings might need replacing on occasion.

I flat out love the paintstick.  Once all the cutting in was done, the priming of the entire stairwell was done in about 20 minutes (after taking down the homemade scaffolding).  At this point, after using it for one job so far, I would HIGHLY recommend the EZ Twist Paint Stick!

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PS:  I still hate painting.
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