The Back Door - Part Two

Finally the humidity has let up and, luckily, I had the day off today!  So I took the back door out to the car port and got to work.  The first job today was to sand the whole thing down

Then I used one of those small rollers and primed:

Then I had to replace one of the window panes I broke while stripping the door.  I went to the local hardware store, but they didn't carry 1/4" thick glass (I had no idea door glass was so thick, although it makes sense!), so I had to go to a local glass place (I guess it's a store, but I never think of places like this as stores).  The guy at the hardware store told me to bring my first born child and my best car because 1/4" thick glass was expensive.  But, as it turns out, it only cost $9!  The problem was though - while attempting to remove the glass, I broke one of the window stops, so I had to fabricate my own.  It wasn't that big a deal, I just ran some decorative base molding through the table saw and - wallah!  Window stop!  

Sorry, picture lost to posterity.
So now the window is in, and the door is primed - the next (and hopefully last) time you hear about this door, it'll be done!!

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