Provenance Pics!

Heat + humidity + me = not a whole heckuvalotta work getting done.  In the humidity I worry about the paint on the back door drying properly - so finishing that project is on hold for right now (although I do have a plan!).  The porch roofs need either painting or replacing.  I like the replacement option just because what's up there now is soooo old!  Gotta get the estimates in.

Then there's the windows in the upstairs.  Several of them need to be re-glazed and the insides re-polyed, I'll get to that really soon, but right now I'm mulling over what to do about the stain color. More on that when the time comes.

I also want to put a new roof on the car port, but I'm thinking we'll have to ta
ke our chances for this winter.  So there's LOTS of work to get done, maybe I should use some of the really hot and humid days to make a priority list!

So, a little crippled by the weather, but the granddaughter of the folks who owned 173 before us, has been sending some old pictures.  I LOVE having that connection to the history of the place!

With no further ado:  Here's the front of the house, looks to be early '70s.

Here's a couple shots of the side of 173. Not much has changed since the '30s and '40s!

And the living room. I like the Christmas tree there, we put ours in the dining for thought!

 And here's what the same angle looks like today:

The living room again. They had a fish tank! And that's my friend sitting on her father's lap!

The dining room. Ours will be re-done sometime around the time the kitchen gets done. So no current pics for now!

Dining room again - is that a fake faux fireplace??

And a final shot of the dining room:

So there you have it - some retro pics of 173! Hopefully more will be coming later!
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