Even More Door Stuff AND I Made the Reading List!

It's incredible to me how many little things go in to simply changing the color of the back door.  Here's the list (for crying-out-loud) SO FAR:

1.  Strip the door
2.  Make my own window stop for step #3
3.  Replace glass broken during step #1
4.  Prime the door
5.  Paint said door
6.  Touch up paint removed because I keep doing something wrong with the painter's tape
7.  Notice how bad the hardware looks - remove, strip, prime and paint, re-install hardware

Then today:
8.  Notice that the door sweep and the weather stripping looks horrible, so replace weather stripping.

Now, step #8 wasn't difficult at all, and the results made a fantastic difference, but - I can't get over the fact that I keep running into more things to do with the door!  Good Grief!  It's time to move on already!

A couple things I learned about weather stripping the door:

1.  It's REALLY easy - took less than 45 minutes.
2.  It comes in colors other than just aluminum!  I went with oil rubbed bronze to match the hardware
3.  While installing weather stripping, don't just close the door - lock it too!  Something about locking the door drew it into the frame tighter.
4.  The back door remodel is endless!  I can't even imagine what other steps lurk out there on the back porch!

I don't have Before and After pics of today's little project, and even if I did they'd probably be pretty boring.  But I took these pictures the other day and I love how the yellow door looks so what better place to share?

(Try to ignore the last bit of laundry on the line there!)

THEN!  There's this bit of fun news!  The folks over at The Stucco Bungalow have started a new blog called Blue Door Blogs.  It's fun because they...well, let me see if I can get this "Quote" tool to work:

No daily voting. No link party themes. No winning. No losing. No kidding. Just a big fat reading list of house blog posts from hard working folks with similar interests and very different points of view. 


I love reading house blogs, I find inspiration, education and motivation, so this should really be a great blog!  BUT - what makes it even better is - they listed MY blog!  I'd love to say that it's because they saw the quality workmanship and creative writing style and just HAD to list it!  Yeah! Umm, no.  The truth is - I asked them!  The really neat part is - they said YES!  I have no delusions of grandeur about this blog, but I'm honored that they didn't just wad up my request and throw it in the trash, and I'm excited that maybe more than 2 or 3 people might see it!!

So - THANKS Blue Door!
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