The Sky is an Infinite Movie to Me - kd lang

Random Pictures by GB Shaw

I was looking through some of my pictures and realized I had a number of interesting pictures of rainbows and the sky in general.

Most of them I have no memory of where I took them, but this I know - the picture above I took in a parking lot, and the next one too!  The great thing about pictures like these is how they conjur images of the halcyon days of my youth, whiling away endless summer afternoons staring at the sky - an cotton elephant here, a horse there.  And always, always - worried that the least bit of darkness in a cloud might bring rains that would spoil the evening's baseball game!

It was jus the kind of clouds in this next picture that would cause not only the consternation of a postponed ballgame, but the very real fear attendant with the violent summer storms that pressed fown on us from over the hills that marked the western boundary of my childhood world.  This shot was taken during a particularly nasty storm that hit 173's neighborhood just a couple years ago:

Wouldn't it be just too poetic if the next picture came right after the one above?  I don't think it did.  I wonder why it is that, in my mind's eye, I can't remember maby rainbows from my youth.  They're so full of promise, and when the clouds break lik this...

Me and the guys in the neighborhood would try to figure out if the storm dumped enough water to cancel the game.  This rainbow showed in the eastern sky looking from the back stoop:

Anyway, moving on...Huh - I just noticed there was a hint of a double rainbow in that shot above.  This next picture I took while driving through the Adirondacks.

Looking northeast from the back stoop a few years ago:

Another parking lot shot.  There must be something about storms and parking lots!

Another while driving, this time down the Thruway!

And finally, a double rainbow taken from the parking lot at my office a couple years ago.

Thanks for indulging my whistful side with this post.  Be safe and see ya' soon!

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