Just an Interim Update

Some Small Jobs

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything, so I thought I'd take a couple minutes so y'all know I'm still alive!  There's no major project going on here at 173 right now, although I'm not sure why - there's always more to do.  But I am in the middle of a couple almost trivial projects.  One is the door that leads into the laundry room...

The Gerstner Tool Chest

There's an interesting little story that goes along with the door but, I think I'll wait til it's done and I post about it to tell!  And, there's another little project -

That's the old Gerstner machinist's tool chest my dad gave me.  I'm not doing a total teardown, but I am doing a fairly thorough refurb on it.  Both of these little projects are nearing completion, so - see ya in the funny papers!
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