Das Beisler Grill House!

Nephew sent a picture this weekend that, #1 - made me hungry and, #2 - made me jealous!  I'll explain but here's the picture:

The hungry part is obvious right?  I mean, as a New Yorker, pizza has always been my kryptonite, and would you look at those?  The one on the left looks like the cook had a couple too many hefe weizens but as we all know - it probably taste just as good as the one on the right!  But here's the thing, look closely below the pizzas and you'll notice some wood, and a wheel, all of which points to a barbecue grill!  I knew Nephew had built a grill house, so I thought this was a good time to post about it.  I asked nephew to tell the build-story so...here we go...

In a clear example of the difference of generations, Nephew flew a drone over his property to figure out the best placement of the grill house, in this case - the pink area.  What a great idea to use a drone, besides - don't we all want to play with one?? He sent this picture, which makes me think he probably graded the area before construction...

Of course, getting to use a backhoe is yet another thing that makes me jealous!  But alas, so ist es!  Once placement was determined, Nephew hand-dug nine pier footers, each 2 feet wide, 2 feet long and three feet deep.  Just to rub it in I think, Nephew mentions that while digging the footers he had pulled pork grilling, which was a motivator for him.  Kudos for his discipline - smelling pulled pork all day would have been a real distraction for me!

The posts are 6-inch galvanized steel, and he used a little over a ton of concrete (2,315 pounds) to set the posts!  Already I'm seeing the difference between German and American building!  I probably would have used post holes and a support like this:

Considerably different than Nephew's job!  Next, the posts themselves were installed...

Nephew explains that all the wood was painted (I'm thinking some kind of deck stain) with three coats before being put in.  Then came the headers:

Of course I look at the quality of that wood and think - where can I get that quality?  Seriously, the best I can get around here, that I know of, is from Lowes or Home Depot - have you seen the quality of their wood?

Man!  That's going to be a serious grill house!  I mean, look at this thing!

I love how seriously built this thing is!  

For crying out loud, when re-building the carport here at 173, I used plywood under the corrugated metal, Nephew used what looks like quality boards, and stained them all!  This is the family:

At least I can rest knowing metal roofing is metal roofing!  And here's the first look at the Gabion walls Nephew chose to go with.  I love the choice!!  Wait 'til you see how they came out!

Stunning right??  This is like the perfect grill house isn't it?  The combination of stone wood and metal gives it some serious gravitas!  But there's more!

The shutters fit right in with the style and give it a really detailed, finished look.  But...there's more!

Really, what could possibly be missing??  Why, overhead doors of course!  

And, drum-roll please.......here she is!!

Absolutely amazing!  Nephew can visit 173 anytime!  Hint, hint, hint!  
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