House 173 Welcomes Das Beisler Haus

So, this is a great honor!  Much like my parents at 812-The Home, our nephew (whom we will continue to call nephew) in Germany has given permission to post some of his house projects right here on House 173 and will have its own Das Beisler Haus page for archived posts!  I've already seen a few of his projects through pictures on WhatsApp and I gotta tell ya - he does incredible work!  

That picture is from some time in the late '90s I think, when we did the first build on the front stoop.  Nephew is the kid leaning - the one with his hat on backwards...generational thing I guess.  His father is in orange and that's yours truly wearing his hat in the proper fashion!  Anyway, Nephew and his wife (and I didn't know about the baby - I gotta ask!) have this great house in Bavaria...

And just wait 'til you see the yard...why wait?

I know - right?!  That look more like one of our parks near House 173!  I see that and all I can think of is a riding mower with headlights and a cup holder! So here's a little history of the house in Nephew's own words:
Before the year 1949, the yard where our house is built on was a big garden with a lot of fruit trees like apples,cherries... Then Anton Reichel a man from the small village Neunkirchen decided to build a house for his daughter in this garden and did this as well. First they only built the house in 1949. In the late 1970s they renovated the roof truss and raised it higher to get more room in the upper floor. In 1980 they built a double garage which includes a room for things for the garden like shovels... in an extension on the west side. So the whole garage would be seen as two and a half one. The women who the house was built for lives in it and got married. Her husband also lived in the house until he died early, at the age of 47 (he did not die here in the house). After that, the woman sold the house and moved to an apartment in Ansbach where she is still living. 
The couple who bought the house from this woman lived in the house for six years 'til they were divorced. That was the reason the house was sold again and became my house, that was six years ago in 2013. I renovated it for a half year before I moved in. I changed the whole floor, painted the walls and put some wallpaper on it. I renovated the whole bathroom and upgraded the kitchen with a new counter-top kitchen. Then I lived four years alone in the house 'til 2017 when my wife moved in. Since then, we are living together here. Meanwhile we renovated the kitchen completely and we also styled a room for the Baby. I am/we are doing 90 % of the work by myself and sometimes with great help from our families (when needed). Only for less special work we have to pay for craftsman. The house is built out of stone, but not bricks in German they are called "Hohlblocksteine". At the Moment we have a room of living of 134 qm. After the extension it would be 204 qm.
First let me say this - Nephew was a little worried about his English but I have to say, and please join me in applause, Nephew does great with it!  Next, "qm" stands for quadratmeter, which in English is square meters.  So I'll do the math because here in the U.S. I think we usually refer to square feet.  Who am I kidding?  I'm not doing the math - I just let Google do it!

1,442 square feet, then after the addition is built, it will be...

In comparison, House 173 is officially about 1,200 square feet, but that doesn't count the third floor or the basement that has the laundry room and workshop, so 173 lives closer to 2,300 to 2,400 square feet in my estimation.

The other thing I wanted to point out was that Das Beisler Haus is made of "Hohlblocksteine", which most of us here will know as cinder block.  Someone once told me "Americans build their wood houses to last 100 years, the Germans build theirs to last 1,000."  I lived in Germany for a few years and I think that's probably true!

I LOVE that yard!  Okay, so that's our introduction to Das Beisler Haus!  I already have enough material to post a couple of Nephew's projects so - more to come!
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