South Side Foundation Repairs

What a Difference

Every time I write the words 'Foundation' and 'Repair' in the same sentence, I get a little anxious.  Even though I know this was is NO WAY a serious job, when I think of fixing the foundation I think of helping dad back in the '70s with taking out sections of my childhood home's concrete foundation and replacing it with cinder blocks.  Dad has some serious skills, and cognitively I'd know how to do it - but dear lord let that never become a necessity!

The fact is, this project was a simple 2-hour job, fixing the parge coat on a section of the foundation.  I did this same job to the north side of the house back in 2015 it's really not that scary at all.  This is what happened... a section of the outer coating of the foundation had fallen off.  Pretty impressive when you consider this is the first time on the south side this has happened in at least 21 years!

But, as is always the case with old houses, one never knows how extensive the actual damage is!  15 minutes with a hammer and crowbar and this was the extent:

Not too bad when you consider that there really weren't any significantly deep areas like I ran into when I did the inside basement walls!

I used the same technique as when I did the north wall, Quickcrete Surface Bonding Cement and Quickcrete's Bonding Agent...

I painted the old surface with the Bonding Agent, and even poured some into the cement with the water when I was mixing it - it seemed to work well on the north wall so why not?

There's the rough application (no idea what the pros call it), and then I sponge-brushed it:

A little closer look:

And it's starting to dry... 

You can see in the lower right corner that it looks a little sloppy, the plan is a little later in the spring, when the flowers are gone, I'll finish the rest of the south side. For now, the large chunk that fell of has been repaired!
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