A Few Scrap Wood Projects

Recycle, Reuse and Some Other 'R' Word

In our last post I wrote about a very simple scrap wood project:

Yep - just a little board for honing tools.  But that got me to thinking about some of the other things around 173 that were made from scraps.  It's kind of a fun (and frugal) little challenge to myself to find uses for scrap wood after completion of a larger project.  For instance, as goofy as this is, I made a clamp jig for when I'm sharpening the teeth on my handsaws:

I even labeled it so I'd remember what it is (just writing that makes me question my sanity)!

But there's more useful scrap wood projects too, like a stand for the old table-saw-of-death...

Which is now a stand for the miter saw...

And years ago I made a box for my router bits:

And a shelf for the workshop:

Several years ago I also used scrap wood to make an umbrella stand for the back porch...

...and used old bed slats to make a matching shoe rack for the porch too:

Here's a whimsical little scrap wood toolbox - also on the back porch:

Of course the front porch can'r be ignored...this bookcase was built of scrap wood and an old basement window:

Outdoors, there's the potting table...

And a great sitting bench with leftovers from when I put in the back yard fence!

Finally, the telephone stand that sits in the entrance hall:

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but I wanted to share just a few fun projects, all stemming from a need to create ex nihilo!!
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