173 in Bloom - the corner beds

An Apt Description

The last post highlights the front yard here at 173 and, while the front yard is okay, it's just that - okay.  But now we move to the corner beds.  I know that's kind of a wonky name but really - I don't know what else to call it.  When we first got 173 there was a hedge of spirea that stretched from the corner of the porch to the corner of the front yard where the two sidewalks meet (173 is a corner lot).

I loved the spirea but in winter they were bare and bent and looked a mess, and when you live in upstate New York - winter can last a long time!  Down came the spirea and in went a fence, which afforded the opportunity to have two different beds...the front yard side and the side yard side (lots of 'sides' in that sentence!). 

You can see the side yard bed is planted with a beautiful mix of perennials and annuals, while the front yard bed is right full of evergreens!

And now...without further ado...

Next up will be the side yard!
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