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Fixing the Bathroom Doorstop

Not everything here at 173 is big remodels, or building things...sometimes is\t's about goofy little things - and this post is just such a time!  Waaay back in the day, 173's first beagle, Bruegger...

...used to like to hang out in the bathroom sometimes.  In the summer, he'd just lay out on the tile floor, and on the hottest days he would be found wrapped around the back of the toilet - belly against the cold porcelain, back and side against the tile wall and floor.  Smart pooch.  However, sometimes, whether because he bumped the door on the way in or because a breeze wafted through the bathroom, the door would close behind Bruegger and he'd be trapped until someone got home from work.
Maybe 15 years ago (or so), we picked up this cute little toy to use as the doorstop:

This little toy is made of what?-clay? paste? plaster of paris?  I have no idea but it cost a grand total of $3.99 at the Christmas Tree Shops, and has held up all these years.  Until last month.  You…

812 - the Home: Kitchen History!

From time-to-time I post about my parent's house, the house I grew up in and the house my dad has rebuilt in its entirety. After all, my dad and 812 are the reason for 173 - following in my father's footsteps is really my way of thanking and celebrating him. 
Today we'll talk about the kitchen.  Back in the day the kitchen was the central hub of the house.  Sure, mom cooked in the kitchen, we (obviously) ate meals there, and did dishes (mostly my older sister and I argued over who was going to wash and who was going to dry).  But the kitchen was about more than just meals.  When visitors came, the kitchen was the hangout spot.  I have very specific memories of mom hanging out with her friend Alice - drinking tea (or coffee maybe?), and smoking Tereytons (remember their old tagline - "I'd rather fight than switch"?) and it seems like Alice smoked some king of Menthol.  I also remember relatives coming over, and they'd all stay up late, talking in the kit…