Kitchen Floor - Working on the Details

Meeting Five Doorways

When last we met the new kitchen floor was in, but the detail work still had to be done.  

First I did the transitions between rooms.  This picture shows the transition to the front hallway which, as you can see, needs to be refinished - that'll come eventually.  I'd show the transition to the dining room, but there's a little surprise there so I'm going to wait until the final reveal.

Now it's time to work on the molding around the baseboards.  First let me say - I have this awesome sliding compound miter saw that I picked up when I was working on the dining room built-in. 

But for some reason, for this project I'm using a cheap old-school miter saw box I picked up at the Home Depot sometime in the late '90s.

I think I'm using this because the kitchen floor contacts five different doorways, and using this old miter box gives me a little more control when cutting very small pieces.  But, some of the quarter round is long and straight - pretty simple.  

First, a little kitchen humor...

Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, performed with tenderness in simple, homey places like the kitchen table. - Alfred Hitchcock

But, the end of the cabinets on the sink side of the kitchen have a curved base.  I fretted over what to do and how to trim around a large curve until, just out of desperation I Googled "flexible trim" and came across a product I didn't know even existed!  ResinArt's 3/4" quarter round:

That's right!  So flexible it can be coiled up!  I had no idea what I was getting when I ordered it on Amazon, but when it arrived I was more than impressed.  It's definitely flexible, but it's not at all flimsy, cuts and sits jest like wood, and even has a very natural-looking wood grain.  Most of all - it solved my problem:

I haven't filled the nail holes yet, but once that's done it'll all be painted.  The manufacturer says any paint will work with this molding, so we'll see.  I wish I knew about this stuff years ago!  Okay, see you all soon!
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