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New Front Stoop Railings - Part 2: Preparation

In Part I of this series, I related a little about the history of the front stoop here at 173.  While searching through the blog, I noticed that there has been a few posts about the stoop over the years, including the door being painted, the new house numbers, and adding "a little pop", all back in '13.  There was also a post as part of the punch list from the front porch outside remodel, one about painting the steps in July, 2016.  All of which just goes to show there really is no master plan happening here at 173!  This is where we left off last week:
Well, considerable progress has been made this week, but I'm not quite ready for the reveal of the new railings.  But I did want to share some pictures about the prep work that went into this project.  It all started with buying the lumber, and prepping it.  The first stage of the prep was to let all the wood sit in the basement for weeks so the dehumidifier could help remove some of the moisture from the pressure-tr…

New Front Stoop Railings - Part 1

If nothing else, 173 is an evolutionary beast.  Occasionally there are big alterations, but most of the time it's a matter of small, slow, subtle changes.  The front stoop is just such a case.  This picture shows how the front of 173 looked in the '70s :
I think 173 must have looked so airy and crisp back in the day!  A far cry from the direction she was headed beginning in 1997.  Back then, the front stoop was the same as in the picture above, and wasn't really a stoop at all; instead -  just a few steep, narrow steps as you can see in this old grainy photo:
Then in '99 or so, I took down the old steps, and built a stoop which ended up looking like this: Not too bad for a beginner.  The stoop was a couple years old by the time that picture was taken, but you get a sense of what is had become.  Then this happened: I went and painted the railings white.  Not a big deal you say?  Well, that was the beginning of the significant exterior alterations that led to this: It l…