Hate to Say I Told You So!

For years I've been saying 173 was living on borrowed time with the hot water heater.  I mean, if you looked at it you'd think it was fairly new - but no:

This fine piece of equipment was installed in 1994..

Yesterday she finally gave out.  After my shower I went down to the laundry room for something and I saw the water on the floor and realized this was the day.   

I was able to get a plumber pretty quickly, so a few hours later:

Same manufacturer but what's the odds this one will last as long?  And you know how one thing leads to another?  Well, I thought I might as well change the kitchen faucet (this I did myself),  Here's the most boring picture ever taken - the old faucet:

Believe-it-or-not, this simple job took several hours and three trips to the hardware store.  When I first installed the new faucet, I used the old supply hoses.  Big mistake, they leaked terrible...must have been all the torque applied to loosen them.  I shouldn't have tried to cheap out and just picked up a couple new ones when I got the faucet!

Then, you see that length of pipe?  The one with the big hole in it?  Well, that's the drain pipe.  And that hole is where the dishwasher was once attached.  In working under the sink, I must have leaned on that line and broke it clean off.  To the store!  

Anyway, that job is done.  Here's an equally boring pic:

Okay - 'til next time!
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