The Gardens at 173 - An Impressionist Retrospective

Going through some pictures, and looking around the yard made me realize I haven't done a "flowers" post yet this summer.  So I decided to take some new pics and some from last year's post and do something a little different.  I found a nice little app in the Play Store called Bonfire (no remuneration of any kind), that did a nice job with artsy filters.  So I thought it would be fun to do the pictures with an impressionism filter, you know - a la VanGogh!  Enjoy!
First, a couple non-flower shots.

Looking down the street.

Cyd - that's right, 173's gargoyle is named Cyd!

Birdhouse on an old birch branch.

One of my favorites from this collection!  And they were volunteers,
 every year we get sunflowers without planting any!

That's a ceramic garden cat in the back!

There you have it - a fun little project.  We're thinking about getting a couple printed for framing, we'll see how they turn out!
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