Spring '16 - Gettin' Started

Spring has finally arrived in upstate New York!  Not that it's been a particularly long winter, I think I heard this was the mildest winter on record.  Either way - we've had a beautiful couple days so I thought I'd get outside and get some things going.

First up - an old punch-list item.  A little over two years ago, I was working on the punch list after siding the front porch.  Well, I never quite finished that list - here's the evidence:

Once again I forgot to get a "before" pic until after I had gotten started.  What you can't see is at the bottom of the end-cap there was a huge hole.  Time and moisture had punked the wood a bit, and the neighborhood feral cats had dug through to make a home under the porch.  So I had to clean all that up, and used PVC boards to cover the end-cap.

Another punch-list item was the boards at the bottom of the porch.  I had put pressure-treated boards in place and primed them, but never got around to painting them.  Here's a shot of the north side of the porch before priming:

About a year after priming (and not painting) I decided to go with the PVC boards:

When I did the north side, for some reason I got distracted and only made it around to the other side of the stoop.  So today I did the south side of the porch:

The local wildlife had also tunneled under the side of the porch, so I filled in some soil and spread some gravel - that'll slow 'em down...for a second.

The other thing I got done was removing the stump for the much-missed birch trees we cut down a couple years ago

This one was not a matter of being lazy - my plan was to let the stump rot for a little while making it easier to remove - I just didn't intend it to be three years!

So I got it out, and it got me to thinking...this stupid little stump took me at least an hour, I can't imagine being a pioneer dude clearing acres of land - insane!  Anyway, got it out and now there's a couple more things off the OOOOLD punch list!
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