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The North Side - A Summer-Long Project

The north side of 173 had really begun to show its age - heck, begun?  Back in 2013 I was bemoaning the north side of 173!  Wood was getting punky in places, the stoop was so worn out that when I ran my hand across it by accident, I ended up with lacerations!  And the foundation surface had really gotten bad, there was mildew and moss, and the concrete was crumbling.  As the summer began I figured I needed to get out there and get started.  The first thing was the window that is actually at the landing of the stairwell.  Time and weather had pretty much done it in, the sill was worn, the window putty had long since crumbled, and the window frame was almost to a really bad point:

So out came the ladder and the stabilizer. Come to think of it, I may do a product review on that wonderful item!

Some windows at 173 would just look plain ol' stupid if there were shutters on it.  These windows will instead have the framing painted black.  After stripping, glazing, priming and paintin…