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The "Seasons-Go-Too-Fast-Partial-Almost Complete-But Gotta Wait 'Til Next Winter To Finish It" Dining Room Reveal

The written language is amazing.  With it we can communicate thoughts, plans, fears, joy, love, pain, almost anything.  We can communicate the angst Roquentin , the kindness of Dorcas, and the mind of Hawking.  Through the centuries it had liberated the slave, incited wars, inspired poetry, and united peoples.  Alas, there are some things that the written language cannot do.  Primarily, it cannot convey to you the mix of joy and mirth with with which I write this post.  I had dreams baby!  Not dreams of fame and fortune, I had not deluded myself into dreaming of such unattainables as being an astronaut, playing for the Yankees, or even overthrowing every government to be king of the world (no - get that DiCaprio image out of your head).  No, my dreams, for this post anyway, was to have the dining room DONE!  I mean, fat lady singing, fork sticking out D-O-N-E!  Instead it's just ... done.  It all started in the winter with waking up one morning and deciding 173 needed a dining ro…