The Side Door: Part 2

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A second post on the side door seems like a bit of overkill, but then again - in our society of 24 hour news cycles, and endless coverage of Bruce Jenner, I guess a second post really isn't that bad.  Truth is - there'll probably end up being a third post at some point!  The first post was really all about replacing and painting the door.  This post is just a quick one for a more cosmetic achievement (isn't it funny how even the smallest of completed projects become "achievements" here in blog-land?).  When last we met, the view from outside the side door (I keep repeating side door because I've written several posts on other doors in the house - must be achievements!).  I digress, when last we met, the outside looked like this:

Yeah, you can see a little of the yellow there,but other than that it's just white-on-white...oh yay.  A couple years ago I began a project to really change the look of 173.  After putting up shutters, it occurred to me that some of the trim needed to be painted to add a little "pop".  So I started with the framing around the dining room oriel (oriel - crossword puzzle word, hope I'm using it correctly):

There really is no master plan per se for painting the trim, and what should or shouldn't be painted.  I just kinda get that inspiration from time-to-time.  This time it was - yes, you guessed it - the side door.  

I dunno - I think it adds a nice little something to the door.  Seeing that these pictures are free (remember back when you had to pay to get your pictures developed?) 

Photo courtesy

Holy cats!  I just noticed that the Fotomat and 173 have a similar color theme happenin'!  Anyway, here's a slightly different angle:

A wider angle to come soon...just have a couple other things to do first!
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