Punch List: Part the Fourth - Painting

The last couple days have been kind of tough for hitting the punch list.  We're at the point where a few things need painting but the nights have been pretty cold and we've been dodging raindrops.  But we have made some progress.

Now, I don't know the official "construction" name of this, but I have installed a board at the bottom of the porch walls.  Here you see it unfinished:

I put these pressure treated boards along the bottom all the way around.The plan was to paint them a gray that matches the "flagstone" color of the siding.  Then I primed them the other day:

I really like the look of the white at the bottom, but then it rained.  Every speck of dirt that splashed up was visible from half a block away (ok, not really, but in my mind it was bad!).  So I think we'll go with the original plan for gray - but it'll wait for next spring.  The fact is, those boards are too thick and stick out from the edge of the corner pieces and it just looks sloppy.  Next spring I'll remove those boards and replace them with more appropriately sized lumber, prime and paint them gray.  So that's the end of that punch list item - 'til next year.

Then there was the next painting item on the punch list.  This one is total vanity though!  The back porch is going to be re-sided too, but to do that properly, the back stoop needs to be re-done (besides, it's really time for the back stoop to be remodeled anyway).  So that left the back porch walls looking like this:

This was okay, but it just didn't go with the look of the rest of the house now.  Even though it's going to be re-sided next spring, this would bug me all winter!  So...paint!

We're loving how much brighter 173 is looking these days!

Up next:  More painting?  Probably, there's only that and a couple other minor punch list items left.
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