Starting the Details: Inherited Chair

July 24, 2013

As we wind up a big project here at 173, we're at that details stage.  Today I finished the Inherited Chair.  Nah, don't get too's not Bauhouse or Stickley or anything like that.  When we moved into the house there were a few things left in the house by the family of the previous owners.  In view of the fact that one of the granddaughters is one of my dearest friends, and also due to me being a bit of a sentimentalist, I've endeavored to try to incorporate most of what was left into the current iteration of the good ol' 173 (even down to what we call the house!).

One of the things left behind was what could only be an old kitchen chair.  Not the table, not a set of chairs...just one chair - perfect!  It was painted yellow at the time and looked well-used, so when the porch was originally re-done, I painted it a flat red just to add a little pop of color to the porch.

Well, in preparation for the impending reveal (maybe another week or so), Inherited Chair got another makeover of its own:

I have a lousy cell phone camera, so I can't really get a good shot, but click on the picture and look close, you'll see a couple little touches that will be clues to the future reveal! See ya soon!

Yellow Door at 173

July 21, 2013

Back in August 2011 the back porch remodel was completed.  One of my favorite touches was the yellow back door.  After seeing (and loving) the results...we decided that the front door just had to be yellow too!
So, a couple weeks ago the front stoop railings were painted.  Yeah, it "livened" up the front stoop a bit, but the truth is - that little project was merely preparation for this one!  Here's the front door after the stoop railings were painted:
And...without further ado...(cue drum roll please):
Just for fun I thought I'd add in the extreme ends of the project.  It's not a great shot (especially after cropping, etc), but here is the front door prior to August 2011:
And a close up:
And a wider shot of now!
Oh, and for the record, here's the paint for the door:
It's "Goldenrod" by Valspar. On the computer it looks awfully bright, but in real life it's a rich, creamy yellow. As I've noted before, I've used Baehr paint from Home Depot on a couple occasions and was less than thrilled. So this time I gave Valspar a try. I really did like the way it covered, it's going to (obviously) take some time to find out about its durability.
UPDATE:  Here's a look at the yellow front door as of September 2017:
The paint has held up excellently!  Five stars!

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