Simple Project - Back Porch Door Trim

Some projects are so simple, yet make a big impact.  Ever have one of those moments - you've looked at something on your house for years, then one day you look and think - Hey!  I have an idea!  That happened yesterday.  I was in the back yard and thought - wonder how the trim around the back door would look if it was brown instead of white?

That's right - off to Lowes for a pint of Rustoleum Flat Leather Brown.  After washing the area, setting up a small tarp (I am a horribly messy painter) and laying on the first coat (the final coat went on today), the whole project took less than an hour-and-a-half!  Here's the before (ignore the back stoop - it's on the list):

Here's a side-by-side before and after:

And here's another shot that really shows the look:

Gotta love the high-impact, oh-so-simple projects!
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