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Mr Griffin - Just Havin' Fun!

I still have a couple projects going here at 173.  As it turns out, they're going to take awhile to complete, and I've been yearning to post something so - here's a little hobby project I've been working on.  I've always been into the old classic scary movies, and when I was a (younger) kid I put together just about every monster model on the market.  I've recently rediscovered the joys of painting and assembling these little gems. They're a blast!

So currently I'm working on "The Invisible Man" based on HG Wells' book of the same title, of course I don't call him that - I call him Mr Griffin for obvious reasons!  While I was working on some of the pieces, I got to thinking that maybe this was also some bizarre way of satisfying my yearning to build/refinish furniture at a time when there are too many higher priority projects in the works!  I dunno, maybe I just like to build models, you know - that whole existentialist thing has to c…

Portable Craft Table - Made at 173

173 is an old house.  As an old house it requires a lot of maintenance and the occasional emergency repair.  But there's also a bit of a kid in all of us.  When I was young (thaaaat's right, I said young not young-er) one of my favorite things to do was building plastic models at the kitchen table.  A few decades have passed since then, but as I remember it through the cloud of time, it seems like building those models was a Sunday afternoon thing.  My thoughts go back to the days of sitting at the table working on Dracula, Frankenstein or some car or other, while my sister and mother played cards and Dad watched TV out in the living room.  Warm memories, makes me want beef stew.
Anyway, I've come to enjoy making models again - that inner kid thing.  I work on them in the bedroom, the kitchen and even in the living room.  I've kept my supplies in an old model box and just moved around.  The Nomadic Model Maker.  A week or so ago I saw a model-makers table for sale on …

Uh Oh - Getting Too Many Projects Going At Once

Three projects going now. I don't like doing that a lot, but sometimes it happens.  I almost wrote that it's sometimes necessary, but in this case it really isn't necessary - it just happened.Now - to stay focused and get 'em done!

Projects for 2012: I just can't make resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!  With the close of another year, most of my friends and colleagues are talking about resolutions.  I'm not big on resolutions, mostly because by about January 7th or so, I completely forget what I've resolved to do.  I know, not  very disciplined or motivated, but on the up side - I know who I am!  No resolutions for me!

But I thought it might be fun to make a list of projects I'd like to get done this year and see how I fare at the end of the year.  The list will be in no particular order, I suppose that would be waaay too structured for me.  And of course the list is absent any unexpected-I-have-an-old-house-so-there-will-be-emergency-repairs kind of projects!  So here goes:


A few weeks ago we had all the windows and the door replaced, but that exposed just how badly the porch needed some updating!  On the inside there'll be a lot of paint stripping, sanding and painting.


Last summer I shingl…