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The Back Porch

So here's a more recent project.  The old back porch at ol' 173 was in baaaad shape.  I don't have a complete "before" picture, but this first one should give a clue to its condition.  Of particular note is the peeling paint on the walls and ceiling.  The windows were the kind that opened into the porch on hinges.  While when we first moved in we thought this was unique and charming, we soon found out that they were simply old and worn out.  On top of that, when the windows were open, they reached almost halfway into the porch.  AND...they leaked like the proverbial sieve! 
The first step was a bit of demo.  Above the windows, the walls were covered over in 1/4 inch plywood and had been painted white so many times the paint was cracked and "gatoring".  

The next step was to strip the walls. Now THAT was a job. I hate the tedium of 2 or 3 inches at a time with the Wagner heat gun so I tried some paint stripper. As it turned out, there were so many co…

Third Floor Renovation 1998

Okay, so in the beginning I don't think there were blogs (or at the least I didn't know about them), and I didn't really have the foresight to take a lot of "Before" pictures. But I did take some "Progress" pics!  Back in 1998 we renovated the third floor.  I'd call it an attic but, there were two small rooms up there when we bought the house, and (obviously) there's one now...besides, after all the work that went into it, "attic" seems a little unceremonious!  Here's the earliest picture I could find:

At this stage I had already gutted the floor of the two rooms.  The walls were covered in beaver board and the floor had two layers of linoleum.

By the design of it, the bottom layer was probably from the 1940's and, as an added bonus, the floor was insulated with old newspapers dating from the '40s through the '60s.  The downside of finding the papers was that I (as I so easily do) became distracted and spent an entir…