A Storage Block for the Scroll Saw Blades


Fair warning!  This is not an exciting post.  It's not an elaborate, intricate, complicated or grand project - not at all.  As a matter-of-fact, this is one of the simplest "projects" heretofore posted at 173!  It's even easier that some of the little shop gadgets posted back in January!

Come to think of it, this little ditty utilized a couple other scrap wood projects, and this one is made from the little length of 2x4 below:

The story is - last year my dad gave me his AMT Model 4601 scroll saw...

And with it came a whole bunch of saw blades!  The problem was, I could never remember where I put them.  So, today being so incredibly hot and humid outside (and I don't like either), I thought I would take a few minutes to make some kind of storage for them.  After cutting a small piece to 2x4 to length, I bored a few holes to about 3/8 of an inch from the bottom.  Oh, and in this picture you can see a couple of those scrap wood gadgets I made before...

From there, I just stained it with Minwax Gunstock stain...

Applied a few coats of amber shellac...

And voila!  Storage for the blades!

Simple, yet effective!  Like I said - not exciting, not at all!  But it's fun finding little things to do with scrap wood!


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