Tools at 173: Just some "Artsy" Pics

Occasionally, I like to play around with some photo-editing apps and see the various artistic effects that can be created.  Back in '16 I did an Impressionist Retrospective on the flowers and yards here at 173, then a couple months ago I did an old-school look at 173.  It's in that vein that I worked on some pictures with an old-school look, this time focused on tools and stuff from the workshop.  I know that doesn't sound particularly exciting, but I found a simple beauty in these pictures...maybe you will too!

I'm the dude looking stressed:

My very basic router table...

Working on the face-frame of the radiator cover:

And the end-panels:

Ha!  A couple of my not-so-frequently used corded drills:

And finally, the old Table Saw of Death!

Like I said - just a simple beauty!


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