Hallways: Meet Sherwin Williams' Lily!

Ta-daaah!  And at long last, the hallways and stairwell are painted! A few weeks ago (April 22nd to be precise) I mentioned that the plan was to paint the walls Sherwin Williams' "Lily".  Usually, early-project color choices don't pan out, but this time it did!  "Lilly" is a beautiful light yellow that, depending on the light, looks like butter, or lemons or a light green, or white...but for the most part it looks like a yellow lily!  So this post will be mostly pics.

Looking down the stairs...interestingly, in this next picture you can see the edge of the corner.  It looks white but it's actually painted - it's just a matter of how the light hits it!

And...you guessed it - up the stairs!

And from a little farther out...

I was trying to get the view from the living room.  You can see a bit above the window - 

So that's a few pictures...love the color!  Now it's onto choosing window treatments, replacing light switches, outlets and installing lights.  Of course, the lights haven't been selected yet, but I have a vision!


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