Carport: Second Time Around!

Yeah time flies.  I hear others say it all the time, so I don't feel quite so all alone when I say - the older I get the faster time goes.  It seems like it was just yesterday we re-built the carport, but apparently that was in 2002 - a full 14 years ago!
First a little background.  The carport was here when we got ol' 173, and here's what it looked like:
There's The Bruegger-Monster - such a great pooch!  That's what the back yard at 173 looked like back in 1997, chain link fence, iron pole and the angle-iron carport with the plastic (?) roof.  The yard went through some subtle evolutionary changes those first five years, then came the great re-do of 2001 and 2002!  Picket fences went up, and the roof of the carport was replaced:
Just starting the dismantling.

Kai, a friend from Germany helped build the roof.

Looks like I was a little ungrateful for the help!

This shot looks kinda posed!

Enhancing the posts.

Because of city codes, I really didn't want to take the carport down, but I did want a more substantial look to the posts, so I bolted wood to the angle iron to give it a totally different look!
The posts look much more substantial yeah?
That was all 14 years ago!  And here's why that is impressive to me - I did it wrong, and it still lasted that long!  For the roof deck I had used OSB, didn't put Ice and Water or even tar paper on it, didn't use pressure-treated lumber, and installed a tiny drip edge.  Like I said - it held up pretty good all these years, but finally tragedy struck (don't you love melodrama??):
You can't really tell here, but the rain gutter had fallen off.

Here's a better shot after removing the metal roofing.

Totally stripped down.
 After totally removing the roof, I put new cross-supports in using pressure-treated lumber this time!  And I also used a combination of Ice-and-Water Shield (almost all of the roof was covered because I had so much left over from the gable project) and a small amount of tar paper.  And for the sake of uniformity, I switched the roof material from brown to aluminum to match the shed.
Before the final reveal - here's another early shot of that corner of the yard and the carport:
And now!
A little better huh? Hopefully, in view of the fact that I "did it right" this time - maybe we'll get even more than 14 years out of this!
Next project!!  Thanks for reading!


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