More Laundry Room Progress!

When last we met, I had finally dove into the laundry room, and it was looking like this:
The painting is finally done... I moved onto the plumbing.  I figured the plumbing was going to remain exposed, so I thought I'd give the quick connect fittings a shot.  Man!  those things are expensive, but they worked like a charm!  I added some wood blocks for support (and yes, they'll be painted), and strapped the hell out of the pipes.
And here's a wider shot...
The funny thing is, even though those quick connect fittings work great, it still took me an entire day to put it all together.  I had it all figured out one way, got half way through assembling it, and decided on another layout I thought would work better.  I wanted to be able to shut off the laundry water supply and the sink water supply separately, so it took forever.  In the end, I think it was well worth it. Of course the whole drain system for the sink had to be done too, but that was all PVC - much easier to work with!  So after two week without a washer and dryer, we can finally do some laundry (and just in time - the underwear drawer was running on empty!)!
Just a couple things to note - we got the big sink!  I don't know why that was so important to me, but I wanted the big one!  And when I was shopping for the faucet I wanted one with the long neck and a sprayer. I just happened (just happened - HA!) to be at Lowes and I found this one on clearance for $40.  I think the normal price was around $60 or $70, so I was a little tickled - my mother would be proud!  In the picture above there's a pail under the P-trap, that's just for a little while 'til we're sure it won't leak.
So there it is...the laundry room is well on it's way, just need to build another wall, fix the concrete next to the cold cellar door, and install a ceiling!  And the work continues...


  1. That looks great! Since you had the space for the big sink I don't see anything wrong with getting it and having more space in a sink (of any kind) is a good thing. Love the bucket, apparently you're as sure of your plumbing skills as I am, I spend days afterward checking for leaks.


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